Clinton Dreisbach Dad, programmer, game designer.


I’m feeling really grateful this evening.

Favorite TV show: Person of Interest
Favorite band: They Might Be Giants
Favorite activity: playing role-playing games with my friends
Favorite person to travel with: Crystal
Favorite person to play games with: Dashiell
Favorite person to snuggle with: Thorin
Favorite pet ever: Violet the cat
Favorite concert: Kylesa
Favorite cheap root beer: A&W
Favorite expensive root beer: Brownie
Favorite song right now: “Born Homesick,” Hardworker
Favorite song of all time: “Rush,” Big Audio Dynamite
Favorite teaching of Jesus: give what you have to the poor
Favorite non-fiction book: Bandits, Eric Hobsbaum
Favorite memory: Listening to Nirvana play on Saturday Night Live underneath the covers on a radio my grandpa got me that could listen to TV channels
Favorite SNL actors: Maya Rudolph, Phil Hartmann, Aidy Bryant
Favorite fiction book: The Tombs of Atuan, Ursula Le Guin
Favorite hymn: Just As I Am
Favorite pizza: banana peppers, pineapple, and feta
Favorite bad TV show: Arrow
Favorite genre: Post-apocalyptic
Favorite churches: my current one, Emmaus Way; my grandma’s church, Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist
Favorite job: teaching