Clinton Dreisbach Dad, programmer, game designer.

What I'm doing right now

I’ve started a company to help train software developers. Previously, I was an academic director at The Iron Yard where I wrote curriculum.

I’ve been playing my baritone ukulele a lot.

Books I’ve read this year

  • The Dark Crystal, Lloyd Alexander (kids)
  • The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Nuclear Attacks Against the United States, Jeffrey Lewis
  • Lila, Marilynne Robinson
  • Home, Marilynne Robinson
  • Gilead, Marilynne Robinson
  • Wearing God, Lauren Winner
  • Compulsory Games, Robert Aickman
  • Chasing Hillary, Amy Chozick
  • The Book of Three, Lloyd Alexander (kids, re-read)
  • Arm of the Sphinx, Josiah Bancroft
  • Senlin Ascends, Josiah Bancroft
  • The Magician’s Nephew, C.S. Lewis (kids)
  • Reconstructing the Gospel, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  • Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Start-Up Culture, Elissa Shevinsky
  • How to Stop Time, Matt Haig
  • A Wizard of Earthsea, Ursula K. Le Guin (kids, re-read)
  • The Power, Naomi Alderman
  • After the Flare, Deji Bryce Olukotun
  • Barbary Station, R.E. Stearns
  • Jesus Land, Julia Scheeres
  • The Christians, Lucas Hnath (stageplay)
  • The Wanderers, Meg Howrey
  • Abel’s Island, William Steig (kids)
  • A Mind for Numbers, Barbara Oakley
  • The Letter for the King, Tonke Dragt (kids)
  • Red Clocks, Leni Zumas
  • The Gospel According to Jesus, Stephen Mitchell
  • Freeware, Rudy Rucker
  • Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson (Great Illustrated Classics version, kids)
  • The Boy on the Bridge, M.R. Carey
  • Vintage Saints and Sinners, Karen Wright Marsh
  • Catwings, Ursula K. Le Guin (kids)
  • Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, Sarah Vowell
  • Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, Kate Wilhelm
  • Searching for Sunday, Rachel Held Evans

Favorite albums I’ve listened to this year

  • Evergreen, Audrey Assad
  • What A Time to Be Alive, Superchunk
  • Lionheart, H.C. McEntire

Books I read in 2017

  • Rogue Male, Geoffrey Household
  • Warlock, Oakley Hall
  • The Delirium Brief, Charles Stross
  • Beginning Spring Boot 2, K. Siva Prasad Reddy
  • In the Hands of a Happy God: The “No-Hellers” of Central Appalachia, Howard Dorgan
  • Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, Brian Zahnd
  • Unbelievable, Katy Tur
  • The Third Reconstruction, Rev. Dr. William Barber II with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
  • The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead
  • Lovecraft Country, Matt Ruff
  • Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI, David Grann
  • American War, Omar El Akkad
  • Life in Code, Ellen Ullman
  • Simply Jesus, N.T. Wright
  • The Nightmare Stacks, Charles Strauss
  • Men Without Women, Haruki Murakami
  • After You Believe, N.T. Wright
  • Bitch Doctrine, Laurie Penny
  • The Book of Joan, Lidia Yuknavitch
  • A History of the Future, James Howard Kunstler
  • The Witch of Hebron, James Howard Kunstler
  • World Made By Hand, James Howard Kunstler
  • Help Thanks Wow, Anne Lamott
  • Rosalie Lightning, Tom Hart
  • A Prayer Journal, Flannery O’Connor
  • A People’s History of Christianity, Diana Butler Bass
  • The Unsettlers, Mark Sundeen
  • The Man Who Quit Money, Mark Sundeen
  • Zero Bugs and Program Faster, Kate Thompson
  • Julian Comstock, Robert Charles Wilson
  • To the Bright Edge of the World, Eowyn Ivey
  • Simply Christian, N.T. Wright

Favorite albums I listened to in 2017:

  • Hardworker, Go Alone
  • Tribulation, The Children of the Night (2015)
  • Waxahatchee, Out of the Storm
  • Blood Command, Cult Drugs
  • Julie Miller, Blue Pony (1997)
  • Margo Price, Midwestern Farmer’s Daughter (2016)
  • Valerie June, The Order of Time
  • Bleached, Can You Deal?
  • King Woman, Created in the Image of Suffering

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