Clinton Dreisbach Dad, programmer, game designer.

This year, I’m thankful for:

  • My wife and son, so much. They are the reason I do it all.
  • My new son, soon to be born! I cannot wait to meet you, little guy! I felt your foot through your mom’s belly the other night and it was super-weird but also amazing.
  • My students, current and former. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people taking control of their lives and becoming computer wizards. I want to give them all a hug.
  • My team at The Iron Yard. Jessica, Chet, and Amy have made these last few months just incredible.
  • Breathing deeply. Some days, I don’t even know how I’d make it with deep breaths.
  • My friends, especially my game group, who are my pals, my intellectual challengers, and my priests.
  • All the amazing women in my life. You inspire me and give me hope for a better world.